Reasons to Consider Hiring a Probate Attorney After a Loved One Passes Away

When a family member passes away, life inevitably becomes difficult for surviving loved ones. Hiring a probate attorney can help make the work that follows a lot easier and ensures any potential problems will be recognized and avoided. As the process of probate can otherwise be challenging, it will always be wise to at least consider this option.

Attorneys Ready to Settle Affairs Smoothly and Fairly

Every state mandates that the estate of a deceased person be put through a legal process known as probate before all the related arrangements can be considered final. This requirement exists to ensure that those with claims to property and other assets will have a chance to make them known before an estate is finally broken up, liquidated, or distributed.

In the vast majority of cases, probate amounts to little more than a formality, with contentious issues that must be addressed being fairly rare. Even so, an attorney who is assigned to provide advice and facilitate the process can make things still easier for all involved.

Some of the ways by which a lawyer assigned to provide assistance with probate can help include:

  • Dealing with insurers. Dying with an active life insurance policy is no guarantee the proceeds will be made available without further prodding. Attorneys who are hired to help with probate often contact insurers and make sure they live up to their obligations.
  • Arranging appraisals. In many cases, the terms of a binding will might go no further than dictating that assets should be divided up proportionally among heirs. That will often require appraising particular pieces of property to assign an accurate value to each. Once again, an independent attorney will generally be well equipped to make such arrangements.
  • Dealing with the court. It is ultimately the responsible court that decides how any given probate process will proceed. An attorney who represents the heirs will know how to communicate with the court effectively.

A Simple Way to Speed Up Probate and Avoid Problems

Hiring an attorney to see to probate-related matters frequently proves to be a wise decision. Having access to the skills and knowledge of a lawyer will almost always make probate simpler for relatives of the deceased.