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Essential Tips on Getting a Passport Speedily
The urge to get a passport whether new or a replacement within a limited time can be prompted by several reasons like misplacing your passport, emergencies or unforeseen businesses related travels. This is maybe a very stressful period. However, the whole process can be streamlined if you can follow the guideline here!.
The fact is you can get your passport from the government without waiting for an extended period, but the swiftness of the government will depend on you, the applicant in lots of different means. To prevent missing your departure; you will need to evaluate whether you will need to mail an expedited application or whether the passport body will need to you to be there in person; in regards to the time you have. Generally to get your passport processed, you will need about 4 to 6 weeks. An ordinary expedited passport will require a minimum for 2 weeks and a maximum of 3 to be processed if it was applied through mail. You can be issued with a passport within a period not more than 3 weeks if you hold proof of travel like your flight routs or wait for 4 weeks where you will need not to give the officials explanations. If faced with a life and death situation, the government officials can cooperate with you to get a passport within shortest time like 72 hours.
To get your application to reach the government as quickly as possible, require to drop it in the ideal place using the right agreed method. If your application needs 4 to 6 weeks to be processed, once completed the passport can be sent via mail using the address given on the application form. For expedited passport it is recommendable that you indicate outside of the envelope that you are applying for an expedited passport. Overnight deliveries to send and get it returned before the next day can attract additional cost but will save on time significantly.
For fast processing you will need to pay for an extra 60 dollars when applying for an expedited passport. You need to know which kind of payment method you are to follow since they are very particular. This can be achieved by showing your payment through the form of a valid check or money order. You can pay for your application through cash, check, money orders or credit cards.
If you are busy and are unable to do this you can obtain help from private courier services but at a hefty cost. However, you need to evaluate the advantages of this as you will not get your passport any quicker through any means than being physically present at the agency. You may be needed to present at the agency physically even when using such services.